How long does it take to setup your booth?

1 - 2 hours depending on the venue access, loading dock, elevator, steps, etc.

How soon should I book my event?

It's best to book as soon as your event is confirmed.  Booking your event asap will secure your date.  Keep in mind we get busy during peak season and weekends.

Do you carry insurance?

Yes, we are fully insured.

Do you accept credit cards or checks?

We accept all major credit cards (American Express,Visa, MasterCard,Discover). Payment can also be made by Pay Pal, Venmo or CashApp.  Unfortunately, personal checks are only excepted up to one week prior to your event.

What if we need the booth to stay longer?

No problem, however, their will be an additional fee.

How much space does the photo booth require?

15ft. x 10ft. is optimal space needed.  It allows for a backdrop, prop table, red carpet & printer.  If the space is limited we can minimize the setup.  We also need access to power within 6ft. of setup space.

Can the photo booth do green screen photography?

Yes, green screen is an upgrade; an additional fee will be charged.

Can I text or email my photos?

Yes, we provide this feature at no additional charge.

Will there be a booth attendant?

Yes, a booth attendant will be there throughout your event.

Are you available for travel?

Yes, we can provide photo booths anywhere throughout the United States.


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